Keeping Hearts (a song)

It’s been
2 years
since I let him go
since my heart broke
as I told him No
that I wouldn’t stay
even just to sleep
for the few more hours
’till the sun rose..

Dear Lord,
doin’ nothin’ felt like all the things
The way he waited made my knees weak
The way we were it made my heart ring
louder than my mind thinks

No, I
could not have dreamed up
a meeting like that,
and I
couldn’t dream up
a future we’d have
too man-
y fears and questions to
twist me up inside,

lying by his side

At the heart of the matter,
I thought of the latter,
how I’d so wanted something like this
How does one love another,
want the best for another,
and not lean in to give him that kiss?

But if you know it’ll have to end,
do you choose to round the bend
for the sake of your own curiosity?

Do you lure his heart to shore?
Do you hint there could be more
when you know you aren’t ready yet to be?
It’s not time yet, not yet time, even to sleep

It’s been
2 years
since I had to go
No, he doesn’t know
how my heart broke,
how I might cry
when I think of it,
when I think of him

It’s been
2 years
since I had to go
When I think of you,
sometimes my heart moans,
but it’s warmed,
so warm,
like you


Copyright © 2018 Audrey McElrath

*This piece has always been a song. It came to me as a song in 2017. I am presently nailing down the final chords on my ukelele–as I also teach myself the ukelele. Translation of the tune in my head to something communicable in chords and rhythm is a work in progress, but more to come!

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