Red Handed

My heart will face the elements
My heart will face the music
My heart will hear the fat lady sing when it’s all over.

And He asks of me:
Woman, do not keep your heart on your sleeve
Woman, do not clench your heart in your hand
Pull back your veils, your shields, your walls, your sheaths
Uncurl your fingers
Lay your heart bare before Me.
In the palm of your hand,
your heart will face the elements, yes!
But I will be with you
Your heart will face the music, yes!
But I, greater than your heart, will forgive you
Your heart will hear the fat lady sing, yes!
But also at that time

You will look down
at the heart you have held out to Me, exposed,
And you will see your heart beating
Red and brilliant,
Radiant and strong,
Generous and gentle,
Nourished and full,
Renewed and remade
Healed and red and alive!

Hold out your hand, My child!
And in My hands
I will keep you, bless you,
I will make My face to shine upon you,
I will be gracious to you
I will turn My face toward you
I will restore you,
and I will give you peace.

Uncurl you fingers,
For I have you.

It’s gonna be alright.




Copyright © 2018 A.M. Wilsonne

Inspired by a number of songs and verses, as well as something someone once told me about God giving us things, and we mistaken them for ‘ours’ or worship the thing and forget the Giver and Maker. It hurts all the more, when our hands are clenched or fingers pinched around that thing, when/if it is taken away. 

Sara Groves “Different Kinds of Happy” (song)
“Go on and ask me anything
what do you need to know
I’m not holding on to anything
I’m not willing to let go of
to be free, to be free”

JJ Heller “Your Hands” (song)

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