Rapprochement, a series (1/5): Material, An Introduction

The man
in my pilates class
from head to toe
was huge

Maneuvering his body
in the corner of the room

A sacred space
that didn’t feel so sacred
till he came

Its holiness wholly
unapparent and now
evolved to any body’s game

What was he thinking?
Well, why he shouldn’t
I don’t know

But 15 so or more to 1
we build strength
into which
he’d already grown!

Yet he’s still here!

Why, just my luck? or not
the last of mats are next to me
and two is perfect for his size

With his frame
his leg extended my direction
I humor, will be my demise!

What’s his status?
his intention? fitness only?

one may wonder
in the corner of her eye

Then, cross my mind
most vulnerable of types

Love-making must be an art
of should for can
in fleshly might

Instructor orders!

15 or so and 1
we bend, extend, repeat
on fire
to shallow melodies
fast and bright
our body weight to command

My friend has little flexibility
or balance
with gigantesque
and calloused?

At time to stretch
he moves away
from her too, on his other side
pays attention without need
of words
he tries

To think of space for three bodies
at once!
your consideration, sir,
is duly recognized

His figure is enigma here
presence, unfamiliar
along side ours
me and my sisters’

But as he works and feels the burn
at times, it seems, bewildered
he keeps on
he burns with us

And I warm up to the picture



Copyright © 2018 A.M. Wilsonne

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