in the third person

in the third person
she is apart from the world.
she sits in her chair and observes.
images moving on a screen.
that guy is he. that gal is she. they are those people.
those people.
and the audio track accompanying the moving images
says the world is going crazy.
look at it.
she does not play a part.

too much goin’ on.
new news each hour.
updates by the minute.
actions, passions, violence.
as though she’s in the thick of it.
she is in the trenches
of the interwebs, dodging
whatever she’s over
or cannot handle
because it is too much
for the present moment.

from the cushion of her seat,
she shares her commentary
in case someone wants to hear
and in fact, probably should.
besides, words are powerful.

when she’s had enough,
when real life calls–
her life calls–
she presses Pause
and will get back to it later.




Copyright © 2018 A.M. Wilsonne

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