Sun & Moon

As the moon pulls upon the sea
Is your pull on me
As the moon pulls upon the sea

It’s gravity
That holds fast oceans to the earth
Storms may bluster
Thunder, strike
And the waters are not lost though churned
Sometimes violently

The sun keeps me warm
Makes his earth–this earth
Green and sustinant,
Pulls me to

Then, like the moon somehow
There’s you

The sun’s the stronger of the two, you and He
I’ve known it; I’ve seen
I mean, who’s first?
Sun or moon?
For how could one ever know the splendor of a moon ‘part from the splendor of the sun?

Days I’m pulled
Sometimes a subtle rise
Sometimes exquisite waves
Glistening like my eyes
That marvel at their crests
Their reach
Defying gravity for sky for
Sun or moon?
And asking, ‘Why?’

I’m asking ‘Why?’
‘Why, Son, this moon entered my sky?’

They say a life is a period of many moons
But I’ve known
Much fewer than many
Much closer to none
This one, and

I fidget at my calendar that’s stuck
On the boardwalk
Watching the seas and the sky
For a clue that may never come
Though I think I want it to

And it seems
As the moon pulls upon the sea
Despite distance of both time and space somehow
You’ve moved me



Copyright © 2018 A.M. Wilsonne

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