Land ho!

Is there another way to stability beyond the ‘conventional’ tracks of work and marriage? As an unmarried, minority, millennial female with a limited income, this is the question I am asking these days. As the home–errr condo prices in my cosmopolitan of choice continue to rise, the idea of owning in the city, and one day staying put, feels ever more elusive.

Are the financial-ladder-climb or long-term romantic relationship the only paths we have in life toward putting down roots? Toward finally thinking beyond survival to cultivating, creating, learning and connecting for the long term? Is there another way to explore commitment outside of these most familiar landscapes?

I am A.M. Wilsonne,
a B.A.M.F.–
ehem! which means a…
B: Black
A: American
M: Millenial
F: Female
…who’s had a dream since the wee ages of pre-teenhood
to one day live in a log cabin in the woods. Yes.
Well, years later, and over a decade after relegating that whimsy to the last of my priorities
and the figments of my imagination,
I’ve woken up! And revised my task list.
This is the record of the steps I am taking
toward the possibility of daydreams becoming reality

and much much more.



Copyright © 2018 A.M. Wilsonne

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