Say ‘Ah!’

Attention: If you’re embarrassed when your doctor asks you to describe, in words, the symptoms of the very ailment that brought you into her office, you may blush at this. If you’re cool with that, I think you may have fun :). If you’re unsure, I dare you!

This piece is intended to be performed.

a slow, creeping thing

mucous sour.


dragging down the back

wall of my

W I D E. O P E N. mouth.

again, my

W I D E. O P E N. mouth.


Mighty Mandibles!
ease those liquids from my ear drums!

run-them-out! Gone! Please!

Tonsils pulse.
sporadic. as I
try. to
make my tongue as flat as possible.

I peer                                to see, I:

nuzzle nuzzle
the medicine cabinet mirror
with my chin
with aim to catch
the fluorescent lit reflection of
this brook
born at my neck and I query:

“Is this something more than allergies, perhaps?”

Perhaps, I’d dream it so! For then,
I could guess its end, I’d hope!

and so, the longer I stare 👀

The longer I stare 👀,
the surer I’ll know, no?

No. Yes. Yes! But—

Erm. ::sigh::

My diagnosis is…

::swallow:: ::swallow::

::swallow:: swallow!:: Ah!


it’s Spring 💐

Copyright © 2019 A.M. Wilsonne

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