28 days and blood


run independent

of any decision on my part

but I run

out of temper, out of hindrances to the words behind my tongue

and these days,

you know exactly how I feel


by as honest as I should have been two weeks ago

when you shared the news

now amplified,

I see red.

le sang in French.

Blood-red as the root of “sanguine”

— an adjective defined

as “marked by eager hopefulness : confidently optimistic (1)”

Well, I

am eagerly hopeful for this communication from my uterus to end

as sensations like points of paring knives settle into my abdomen

and hope deferred, for 7 days, descends

until finally, it ends.

and it seems as though my womb’s made peace.

She seeks to make amends for “not this time”

but maybe next? she asks, sanguine.

and there we’ll go again.

(1) Merriam Webster Online

Copyright © 2020 A.M. Wilsonne

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