the ensemble (revised)

This is the significant revision of my piece that I originally published to on July 25, 2019.

if you cannot follow my train of thought
it does not mean that a train does not exist
it does not mean my journey and my testimony of what I’ve seen and known and lived
is not legitimate,
validated solely by your witness or your precedent

if you cannot conceive a life like mine
then stand in awe of limitations
and entertain it as confirmation that conceiving
the whole of humankind never was assigned to you to be your occupation
ask me what kind of human life I’ve lived and convey to me yours!
and may we grow to love each other more
than we do now; painting the picture of “how”

maybe life just never led you here,
to or through, a wilderness like mine
maybe my mind and heart and flesh and soul have traveled roads
that you do not know and never will and never can
though I hope you might seek to understand!

I hope you’ll take a stroll with me sometime–many times
where we’ll travel lanes remembered,
where we’ll trade tales of the journey of our lives
and together we can try to map this mystery of humankind

you and I, while we are different people
different minds
we are both fashioned in the image of and by a heavenward Devine
who made us like one body of many parts
like many branches from one vine

our destiny is intertwined
and each day, we are standing on the precipice of proclaiming death or life
over our very own flesh every time we take a breath and out comes an utterance of contempt or respect
or nothing at all–apathy and neglect

neglect to ask, neglect to know, neglect to seek, neglect to disclose, neglect to find a way when we’re scared of the unknown

so, please do tell me your story, and I will tell you mine
and we’ll ask Nose to tell us what it’s like to smell the long bake of seaweed in the sun atop the rocks
and we’ll ask Ear, what does rain sound like?
“Tell us, Soles, of the meeting of warm asphalt on bare feet!”
let us speak and listen, give and receive
until Our Soul, no longer divided against itself, knows peace and love embodied,
knows harmony

and without any hesitation we will weep whenever Elbow weeps
we will leap whenever Back Bone is strong
until we know unity, finally, as a House where Holy Spirit dwells
and Heaven’s here on Earth.
and God has made a home with us, in us.

perhaps my life’s a long path where I might unfold, unfurl
perhaps your life’s a long path where you might unfold, unfurl
perhaps our lives are a long path where we might unfold and unfurl into each other
perhaps eternity’s where we will be un-done

as One.

Copyright © 2021 A.M. Wilsonne

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