La Louve solitaire

La louve solitaire se trouve seule par sa choix de la voie du Seigneur qui l'emmène à l'espoir, à l'amour, à la grace, à la joie, à la paix, à la gloire de sa croix, à son Fils, par la foi..

To: my beloved gardener

I am your garden Tend to what needs tending to Prune what needs pruning Root out what needs to be rooted out Plant Make me healthy By your hands Make me flourish May your glorious handiwork Bloom from my dirt Where there's no doubt of other forces at work I am honored to be ground... Continue Reading →


there's this thing called a string that's connected my heart to thine yours to mine it'll never go away cause human hearts they make a web and they'll carry you till death do you part this world in fond memories painful and devine       Copyright © 2018 Audrey McElrath

in the third person

in the third person she is apart from the world. she sits in her chair and observes. images moving on a screen. that guy is he. that gal is she. they are those people. those people. and the audio track accompanying the moving images says the world is going crazy. look at it. she does... Continue Reading →

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