Black Siren

From the sea he sees me on my rock ...perched, he thinks, like a delicate song bird chittering, lovely, on the most outstretched branch of a tree, riding out a lively wind with grace, simply, and yet wondrously. No, dear mariner, This siren who catches your eye today, who captivates your mind from one thousand... Continue Reading →

in love with love (getting with it)

She's a romantic She's a [day] dreamer Looks every eligible guy in the eye and becomes a believer That he sees her and might be the keeper To keep her, in the next chapter she's ever promised is the "happy end"-- or at least "a valuable life experience to have under one's belt". She talks the talk of... Continue Reading →

Brothers & Friends

This piece is in recognition of Black History Month and intended to be watched and heard, as a performance. As it is not intended to be read to oneself, the full meaning of each word or phrase, each with its intended tone, volume, and accompanying body language or pause, cannot be realized in the format... Continue Reading →

Six AM

Lovely how we have to sleep to stop for several hours on end all around the same time.   As the sky grows dim and the sun recedes so our eyelids fall a little more heavily a little tougher to lift setting our vision even to night.   And together likewise all across the planet... Continue Reading →

Keeping Hearts (a song)

It's been 2 years since I let him go since my heart broke as I told him No that I wouldn't stay even just to sleep for the few more hours 'till the sun rose.. Dear Lord, doin' nothin' felt like all the things The way he waited made my knees weak The way we... Continue Reading →

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