rolling, the combine harvester of a tractor along the thick golden bristles of her field below brewing skies, churning soundless over the harvest something of the silent beating of the machine against the grain, like a steady drum, lulls the clouds hope appealing to distress hope appealing to distress when things uttered cause things of... Continue Reading →

Land ho!

Is there another way to stability beyond the 'conventional' tracks of work and marriage? As an unmarried, minority, millennial female with a limited income, this is the question I am asking these days. As the home--errr condo prices in my cosmopolitan of choice continue to rise, the idea of owning in the city, and one day staying put, feels ever... Continue Reading →

Into the Woods

Desperately, I held onto the rock wall as though if I lost my grip, I'd fall to certain death. Dare to look down. And so I looked: the deep velvet soil looking back at me, patiently, 5 to 7 inches from my feet. Let go. And so I let: the ground so much closer than... Continue Reading →

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