God is good... but I am exhausted. --- And so was he--exhausted. Exhausting his final breath in a forceful cry at the moment of unmerited abandonment by God himself restrained by his own mutilated hands and feet naked and humiliated violated by the very souls for whom he would secure salvation by the very souls... Continue Reading →

between belief

I’d rather be wrongthat You might be glorified.Your yoke is easy and your burdenis light.Your burden is light.My yoke is perfection. My burden?Direction.My burden is running from death asthough running could stop it.My burden is running from endingsendlessly. My Lord, I am a daughter ofdemocracy, of equality, of liberty. As your servant, your subject,surrendering my... Continue Reading →

the ensemble (revised)

Revised: 4/21/2023 if you cannot follow my train of thought it does not mean that a train does not exist it does not mean my journey and my testimony of what I’ve seen and known and lived is not legitimate validated solely by your witness or your precedent if you cannot conceive a life like... Continue Reading →

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