Depression & Faith

Some days, I feel more alive than others. Some days, I feel like the walking dead. Today, right now, life rushes through limbs to my brain, and I'm writing a poem of pain that's, for now, gone away. It's a sickness, depression, and sometimes I forget that I suffer affliction beyond my consent. I have no part in it.... Continue Reading →

On Freedom • Juneteenth

I am the progeny of a long line of enslaved to freed humanity from South to North of bravery of pioneers into uknown oft' hostile territ'ry who dared and risked and lived defeats, but kept on to steady victory and victory and... somewhere knew they were born to be wherever their foot took step Free    ... Continue Reading →

Into the Woods

Desperately, I held onto the rock wall as though if I lost my grip, I'd fall to certain death. Dare to look down. And so I looked: the deep velvet soil looking back at me, patiently, 5 to 7 inches from my feet. Let go. And so I let: the ground so much closer than... Continue Reading →

Looking Up

As I lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling, glasses off and no point of focus, I think of how I am trying so hard to keep above water And the tears well like a tide and run down the sides of my face             Copyright © 2018... Continue Reading →

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