‘Quand on aime, on n’a pas peur.’

'Quand on aime, on n'a pas peur. L'amour parfait chasse la peur. En fait, on a peur quand on attend une punition. Celui qui a peur n'aime donc pas de façon parfaite.' 1 Jean 4:18 >Je réfléchissais à ce verset, 1 Jean 4:18. Voici les réflexions qui me sont venues à l'esprit. Que vous suiviez... Continue Reading →

Brothers & Friends

This piece is in recognition of Black History Month and intended to be watched and heard, as a performance. As it is not intended to be read to oneself, the full meaning of each word or phrase, each with its intended tone, volume, and accompanying body language or pause, cannot be realized in the format... Continue Reading →

Deep Puddles

My spirit, trapped in the damp mud, under a rock, with a crack of light to see the overcast sky, to let the ground water rush in and fill what empty space is left. I gurgle the air that remains to breathe, but can't yell; I'll run the risk of drowning in this puddle.  Eventually, the... Continue Reading →

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