Rapprochement, a series (2/5): Emotional, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

This piece is dedicated to men of my family, late and living, for whom the saying 'Men don't cry,' and all that this encompasses was a truism of manhood a sign of strength as opposed to weakness self-sufficiency and often also, in tone and context, superior to the "Alternative"-- Woman This piece is also dedicated to... Continue Reading →

Fifty Yards Off the Freeway

The silhouette of the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains against the sky at twilight soothes her. Through her tinted windows, she tries to distinguish when the blue fades to light purple, to peach and to rose. When cool colors warm.She’d said yes to his invitation, yes to life together, yes to one flesh, and now he... Continue Reading →

Boys Don’t Cry

(2,446 words, 9 minutes) Tommy, my brother, cries those wide-mouthed, silent cries. Voice barred, he locks down on his vocal cords; all the while, his insides feeling as though they might explode. He locks down like a disturbed child who follows the rules and stays in his house as he watches the trap door clack shut on... Continue Reading →

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