Call me Jonah And Lord, have mercy: May I be thrown into the sea. Heck, I am already there. May I be swallowed and spit out by a whale: Yes, Heart turned, but for me, also placed Wherever the hell I am supposed to be? Because honestly, God, I am kicking, and You know this.... Continue Reading →

in love with love (getting with it)

She's a romantic She's a [day] dreamer Looks every eligible guy in the eye and becomes a believer That he sees her and might be the keeper To keep her, in the next chapter she's ever promised is the "happy end"-- or at least "a valuable life experience to have under one's belt". She talks the talk of... Continue Reading →

Persistent Widow, Luke 18

Abba, Father, silence the inner-critic and what remains? my Manifest Destiny? foreign lands and growing pains? as in the pains of child birth which even my physical body has yet to know? I will surely groan all the days of my life when patience claims it's victory. YOU tell me there is more to me than what... Continue Reading →

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