Call me Jonah And Lord, have mercy: May I be thrown into the sea. Heck, I am already there. May I be swallowed and spit out by a whale: Yes, Heart turned, but for me, also placed Wherever the hell I am supposed to be? Because honestly, God, I am kicking, and You know this.... Continue Reading →

in love with love (getting with it)

She's a romantic She's a [day] dreamer Looks every eligible guy in the eye and becomes a believer That he sees her and might be the keeper To keep her, in the next chapter she's ever promised is the "happy end"-- or at least "a valuable life experience to have under one's belt". She talks the talk of... Continue Reading →

Persistent Widow, Luke 18

Abba, Father, silence the inner-critic and what remains? my Manifest Destiny? foreign lands and growing pains? as in the pains of child birth which even my physical body has yet to know? I will surely groan all the days of my life when patience claims it's victory. YOU tell me there is more to me than what... Continue Reading →

Fifty Yards Off the Freeway

The silhouette of the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains against the sky at twilight soothes her. Through her tinted windows, she tries to distinguish when the blue fades to light purple, to peach and to rose. When cool colors warm.She’d said yes to his invitation, yes to life together, yes to one flesh, and now he... Continue Reading →

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