to be Vulnerable

In the darkness of my drawer there lies an ocean of icy waters, been long tucked away from sun. Yesterday, I let one pull upon the handle to find an iceberg toward depths unknown to fears unsung.         Copyright © 2018 A.M. Wilsonne ---- C.S. Lewis, "The Four Loves" "There is no... Continue Reading →

Black Siren

From the sea he sees me on my rock...perched, thinks he, like a delicate song bird chittering, lovely,on the most outstretched branch of a tree,riding out a lively wind with grace,simply, and yet wondrously. No, dear mariner,This siren who catches your eye today,who captivates your mind from one thousand yards away,lying upon her bed of... Continue Reading →

in love with love (getting with it)

She's a romantic She's a [day] dreamer Looks every eligible guy in the eye and becomes a believer That he sees her and might be the keeper To keep her, in the next chapter she's ever promised is the "happy end"-- or at least "a valuable life experience to have under one's belt". She talks the talk of... Continue Reading →


Where does one find confidence? In a jewelry box? In a book bought from a vendor on e-bay? Where does one find fearlessness? In lyrics? Sung to the tune of notes strummed by a pick on a guitar? Should I ask Taylor Swift? Where does one find freedom? On the frontier of the American West?... Continue Reading →

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