On Freedom • Juneteenth

I am the progeny of a long line of enslaved to freed humanity from South to North of bravery of pioneers into uknown oft' hostile territ'ry who dared and risked and lived defeats, but kept on to steady victory and victory and... somewhere knew they were born to be wherever their foot took step Free    ... Continue Reading →

Impossible? • Land ho! • Motivations: Affordable Housing, City Living & Settling Down

"If you look at how long it takes for a person to save up to buy a house-that's sort of the hot indicator now-San Francisco, you know, the Bay Area, we're looking at 27 to 30 years. So basically, you're just not going to buy a house. Seattle's not there yet, but it's still 15... Continue Reading →

La boîte à sable

Je suis du sable suspendu,   lancée de ma boite     perspective étendue   au-delà de ma compréhension au-delà de mes conceptions de la vie au-delà de mes convictions.     Je suis du sable suspendu, lancée de ma boite!     jeté en l'air     éloigné de la terre      ... Continue Reading →

Black Siren

From the sea he sees me on my rock ...perched, he thinks, like a delicate song bird chittering, lovely, on the most outstretched branch of a tree, riding out a lively wind with grace, simply, and yet wondrously. No, dear mariner, This siren who catches your eye today, who captivates your mind from one thousand... Continue Reading →

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