Sometimes, I put relationships in boxes- And try to figure out what their utility is –But meaning is not always discernible Maybe relating is being at the same time It’s not my job to know why or how now I’m having trouble being, just being with you.             Copyright ©... Continue Reading →

Hold on

Hope To reach for hope To hold onto it sometimes it's like clutching an ice cube, or two But if I keep holding the ice-cold, tight in a warm grip, It will thaw. If I hold onto what will inevitably be-- just wait, wait: relief release God, give us the power to forgive, to thaw... Continue Reading →

Chemistry & Reason

When it doesn't work. Because we are different. In ways that are utter extremes. You wanted more of something I could not give. I wanted more of something you could not believe. A brief together. followed by. An indefinite separation. O. If I could have even just a bit of you. Every now and then.... Continue Reading →

La Traumatisée (Get Well Soon)

Les hommes? Les hommes me blessent. Ils me blessent d'une douleur vive qui me pèsent le cœur d'un poids qui ne ressemble à aucun autre. comme je suis piquée juste à côté du fond du cœur par un couteau. Le sang coule Le liquide ne s'échappant pas de ma poitrine. Y'a de la pression qui... Continue Reading →

Musty Sundays

musty Sundays skirt the river's bank, we catch the breezes, letting snarls of laughter hiccup o’er lapping ripples from the boats shade sighs here and there in speckles ‘bove our sun-bleached locks while runners’ steps give rhythm to ever rustling green in this hot air sweat forms beads along my back bone, at least while one... Continue Reading →

Secrets I keep

Something regurgitated To my memory I suppose I cannot hide The nature of my sentiments Toward it It regurgitated But no, I do not expel I hide The sour reminder I keep it in my spirit In- voluntary confinement Paralyzed between Shame--pride And the unpleasant consequence Of attempt to swallow it back Down into The... Continue Reading →


there's this thing called a string that's connected my heart to thine yours to mine it'll never go away cause human hearts they make a web and they'll carry you till death do you part this world in fond memories painful and devine     Copyright © 2018 A.M. Wilsonne

to be Vulnerable

In the darkness of my drawer there lies an ocean of icy waters, been long tucked away from sun. Yesterday, I let one pull upon the handle to find an iceberg toward depths unknown to fears unsung.         Copyright © 2018 A.M. Wilsonne ---- C.S. Lewis, "The Four Loves" "There is no... Continue Reading →

Brothers & Friends

This piece is in recognition of Black History Month and intended to be watched and heard, as a performance. As it is not intended to be read to oneself, the full meaning of each word or phrase, each with its intended tone, volume, and accompanying body language or pause, cannot be realized in the format... Continue Reading →

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