value, transcend utility purpose transcending amenity meaning transcends desires substance beyond material   être   we are not but material things formed mere material beings ignoble in existence but for aspirations and endeavoring   être   what of the sublime? are we sublimable? our essential invisible* to the eye?   être   how we call our... Continue Reading →

Falcon’s Day

Inspired by Psalm 91 and Deuteronomy 1:29-31   I scramble up my Father's breast fingers buried in his feathered chest strokes of down engulf my arms and legs. I cling to Him, my Refuge, my Fortress, warm to rest. There nestled, though mostly shielded in the shadow of his valiant neck, misted sun rays reach... Continue Reading →

Depression & Faith

Some days, I feel more alive than others. Some days, I feel like the walking dead. Today, right now, life rushes through limbs to my brain, and I'm writing a poem of pain that's, for now, gone away. It's a sickness, depression, and sometimes I forget that I suffer affliction beyond my consent. I have no part in it.... Continue Reading →

La Louve solitaire

La louve solitaire se trouve seule par sa choix de la voie du Seigneur qui l'emmène à l'espoir, à l'amour, à la grace, à la joie, à la paix, à la gloire de sa croix, à son Fils, par la foi..     Copyright © 2018 A.M. Wilsonne

L i· s · t· · e · · n

Is this whisper in my ear Jesus Christ of Nazareth? Or any semblance of The Word He is, made flesh? In the beginning He was, But He did not sound like this. And has not spoken such ways since. "What do You say about me?" For what I am thinking about Myself, this judge condemns... Continue Reading →

Persistent Widow, Luke 18

Abba, Father, silence the inner-critic and what remains? my Manifest Destiny? foreign lands and growing pains? as in the pains of child birth which even my physical body has yet to know? I will surely groan all the days of my life when patience claims it's victory. YOU tell me there is more to me than what... Continue Reading →

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