La Louve solitaire

La louve solitaire se trouve seule par sa choix de la voie du Seigneur qui l'emmène à l'espoir, à l'amour, à la grace, à la joie, à la paix, à la gloire de sa croix, à son Fils, par la foi..     Copyright © 2018 A.M. Wilsonne

in the third person

in the third person she is apart from the world. she sits in her chair and observes. images moving on a screen. that guy is he. that gal is she. they are those people. those people. and the audio track accompanying the moving images says the world is going crazy. look at it. she does... Continue Reading →

Brothers & Friends

This piece is in recognition of Black History Month and intended to be watched and heard, as a performance. As it is not intended to be read to oneself, the full meaning of each word or phrase, each with its intended tone, volume, and accompanying body language or pause, cannot be realized in the format... Continue Reading →


Where does one find confidence? In a jewelry box? In a book bought from a vendor on e-bay? Where does one find fearlessness? In lyrics? Sung to the tune of notes strummed by a pick on a guitar? Should I ask Taylor Swift? Where does one find freedom? On the frontier of the American West?... Continue Reading →

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