Depression & Faith

Some days, I feel more alive than others. Some days, I feel like the walking dead. Today, right now, life rushes through limbs to my brain, and I'm writing a poem of pain that's, for now, gone away. To get out of my head, even onto paper, to get out of my head and take in,... Continue Reading →

The Terror of Blooming

Would the air hurt youWould the bird clip you   r petalsWould the caterpillar find you beautiful-beautiful and delicious to consume,to digest Would you and the extension of your flesh,open to the elements, displayed splayed unto the world,finally signed-on to participate,meet death To bloom,is it less painful than to regret regrets?than to resist the outing of... Continue Reading →


-"How are things?" -"Things are... things. Things are things are things are sand, a collection of broken pieces no longer solid rock, glass, dead inanimate things felled, écrase-d, reduced too small enough to run through the cracks of her fingers when she tries to pick him up. -"I'm thirsty."     -"How are things?" -"In the... Continue Reading →

to be Vulnerable

In the darkness of my drawer there lies an ocean of icy waters, been long tucked away from sun. Yesterday, I let one pull upon the handle to find an iceberg toward depths unknown to fears unsung.         Copyright © 2018 A.M. Wilsonne ---- C.S. Lewis, "The Four Loves" "There is no... Continue Reading →

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