Sun & Moon

As the moon pulls upon the sea Is your pull on me As the moon pulls upon the sea It's gravity That holds fast oceans to the earth Storms may bluster Thunder, strike And the waters are not lost though churned Sometimes violently The sun keeps me warm Alive Makes his earth--this earth Green and... Continue Reading →

Secrets I keep

Something regurgitated To my memory I suppose I cannot hide The nature of my sentiments Toward it It regurgitated But no, I do not expel I hide The sour reminder I keep it in my spirit In- voluntary confinement Paralyzed between Shame--pride And the unpleasant consequence Of attempt to swallow it back Down into The... Continue Reading →

To: my beloved gardener

I am your garden Tend to what needs tending to Prune what needs pruning Uproot what needs to be rooted out Plant confidence in your hope Render me healthy By your hands Lift me beyond insecurity, to flourishing To fearless generosity May the glory of your Life Blossom fragrantly from my dirt Compose my decomposed... Continue Reading →

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